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In addiction recovery your body, mind, and spirit all have major healing to do. And while you shouldn’t rush into any marathons, starting some kind of fitness routine can help keep your sobriety on-track and promote healing both inside and out. Best of all, there are endless options no matter your athleticism or interests, that all have amazing benefits.

Having a healthy outlet for relieving your stress isn’t just a good idea in addiction recovery; it’s crucial. Exercise is one of the healthiest, most rewarding forms of stress relief you can get. You’ll get a mood-lifting boost of endorphins that can almost immediately take the edge off.

Exercise relaxes you. It works the mind-body connection to burn off the frustrated energy you’re constantly building up while in recovery, and gives you something healthy to focus on. 

You won’t be able to instantly get to the root of your addiction or find the right words to make things right with your loved ones, but you can start exercising and eating healthier. It’s important to have tangible goals that can remind you of how strong you truly are and give you the confidence to power on.

Research has shown that working out may also help reduce addiction-related withdrawal symptoms and lessen cravings. That’s probably in large part because the endorphins released during exercise are the same ones that were triggered by your drug of choice — it’s the same kind of boost, but in a healthy form. Exercise can be your outlet when you’re feeling tempted to use, and though you might not always look forward to it at first, by the end you’ll truly feel better.

The truth is exercise is good for you whether you’re in the midst of attaining lasting sobriety or not, but implementing it into your recovery can make a meaningful difference.

At Valor Recovery Center we have a fully-equipped gym with treadmills, ellipticals, various resistance and weight training equipment, spinning bikes, and a yoga room. During your stay with us, we will help you develop healthy workout routines and goals to establish a healthy balance of body, mind, and spirit.  See our facility photos.

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