Is Outpatient Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment Right For You?

By The Valor Team
Friday, July 12, 2019 at 3:07 pm in
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What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab allows you to live at home while participating in treatment during the daytime. Outpatient programs afford you more freedom in treatment, giving you the ability to maintain a job and keep up with day-to-day responsibilities at home. 

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab is recommended for people who have completed an inpatient program or higher level of care, or for those who are medically stable and able to pursue recovery with minimal assistance. 

At Valor Recovery Center we offer several options of outpatient care (in order of intensity):
•    Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
•    Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
•    Outpatient Programs (OP)

Those just beginning outpatient care may need intensive daily sessions with a therapist or clinical staff (PHP) while those further along in recovery, or with less severe addictions, may be successful with part-time sessions a few times per week (IOP, or OP).  The length of time a client spends in outpatient care depends on their progress in recovery, which takes into account their mental stability and physical health.  

Outpatient Treatment Programs are designed to meet your specific needs, and may include:
•    One-on-one counseling with a therapist
•    Medication management as needed for co-occurring disorders
•    Group and family therapy sessions
•    Nutritional coaching
•    Recreational therapy
•    Relapse prevention

As outpatient care does not involve monitored residence at our Austintown facility, it requires each client to have a high degree of dedication to the program and be capable of pursuing sobriety without intensive care. It also requires a living situation that is free from drugs and alcohol. 

When Outpatient Programs Are Not A Good Option

If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs, outpatient rehab can help you overcome the mental and emotional hurdles involved in substance abuse. It cannot, however, help you rid your body of drugs or alcohol. A medical detox or inpatient program is designed to help you overcome the physical effects of addiction. Once you are physically well enough to not need 24-hour supervision, a more supportive program like partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient may be a great next step.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Treatment

Outpatient drug rehab works to enable you to pursue an independent life of sobriety, free from the influence of drugs. Outpatient programs provide therapeutic support and counseling so you can avoid relapse and successfully transition from rehab care to daily sober living. 

In outpatient drug rehab, you learn how to cope with environmental triggers as they arise in your daily life, manage symptoms of mental illness, and relapse avoidance. 

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Outpatient alcohol treatment can be a good option for those in the early stages of alcoholism or those who want to quit a binge drinking habit before it worsens. Outpatient programs for alcohol use begin with a medical assessment and may include medications to ease anxiety, nausea and other common withdrawal symptoms. 

As with all outpatient care at Valor Recovery Center, outpatient alcohol treatment includes an evaluation of an individual’s emotional and mental health and a counseling schedule. 

Is Outpatient Rehab Right for You?

Whether outpatient is right for you or depends on your history with addiction and your current relationship with drugs or alcohol. Due to its more flexible and part-time nature, outpatient rehab is best suited for people who have less severe addictions, are able to successfully live on their own or in a sober living situation, and are not in need of a high level of medical or psychiatric support. For this reason, outpatient rehab is ideal for those who have already gone through more intensive levels of treatment or are fully committed to a recovery plan and capable of pursuing sobriety with only minimal care.

An outpatient program may be right for you if:
•    You have a mild or relatively new addiction
•    You are in good health but still need occasional support or therapy
•    You cannot commit to residential treatment
•    Your living situation is conducive to recovery (a stable home, sober living house, etc.)
•    You are willing and able to pursue sobriety in your daily life

Outpatient services will likely NOT be suitable for you if:
•    Your addiction has been a long-term struggle
•    You need daily medical assistance with your addiction
•    You attempted but did not complete rehab care in the past
•    Your home life is unstable or unsupportive of your recovery

To find out if outpatient substance abuse treatment is right for you, call Valor Recovery Center at 330-330-8777. Caring professionals are waiting to talk through your situation with you and provide you with the guidance you need.

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