Misconceptions About Interventions

Thursday, October 8, 2020 at 4:00 pm in
family intervention meeting

Interventions have a negative connotation that prevents some families from asking for help.

The truth is that a professionally-run intervention is not a confrontation or a fight -- it is a family meeting that is facilitated by a trained and experienced professional with a specialized understanding of what it takes to help motivate someone to enter treatment. With compassion, empathy, motivational interviewing and other evidence-based models, the intervention specialist helps the person understand that it's okay to get help for their addiction and that it isn't a bad thing.

Interventions are an act of love that literally save lives and change the lives of those involved in a very dramatic way. The majority of interventions result in admission of the person into a treatment center immediately. For those who don't agree to immediate treatment, most eventually do so when the family sticks to its bottom line.

Families shouldn't wait until the person has been arrested, or hospitalized with significant medical issues, or worse. An intervention can preserve the individual and family from devastating suffering and financial loss. A person can be motivated to seek treatment prior to having all those bad consequences and outcomes.

If an individual is struggling because of their substance use and they're not functioning at a level where they should be, it's appropriate to get help.


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