Valor Welcomes King and Queen Diamond K9 Service Dogs

Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 10:08 am in
Two therapy dogs at Valor's facility

We're beyond excited to welcome King and Queen Diamond K9 dogs to Valor!  The dogs in the photo are Koa and Trey. They are gorgeous and so sweet!

King and Queen Diamond K9 is a husband and wife owned organization. Along with James Grissom, kennel master, they train dogs for service, obedience and protection. All of them are veterans that suffer themselves with post traumatic stress disorder, and the dogs have made a huge difference in their lives. They are devoted to helping veterans improve the quality of their lives by finding, training and providing them with service dogs.

As a veteran-owned company, Valor is proud to support this great organization, and we hope you will support them too. They are partnering with Warfighter Coffee Company to raise money to provide dogs for veterans. They will sell three different kinds of coffee with bags adorned with a picture of one of their dogs. The coffees are expected to be ready in two or three months and will be available to purchase at

They also have partnered up with New Lease on Life Rescue to place their adoptable animals with disabled veterans to be trained as service animals. 

You can learn more about King and Queen Diamond K9, and keep up with their good work, by following their Facebook page

So why bring service dogs to Valor Recovery Center? 

Involving dogs in various forms of therapy, including programs for substance abuse treatment, can be beneficial for a number of reasons.

The dogs can make a nerve-racking experience easier to manage. They can help people relax, minimize stress, and offer a sense of safety and unconditional acceptance that puts therapy patients at ease. 

In substance abuse treatment, dogs can help people who have trauma or stress in their backgrounds focus and feel more comfortable to open up during counselling sessions. 

Clients and staff love having the dogs at their sessions and say it brightens their day to see them. Their mere presence can calm the room. As for the staff, we have a job that can be highly stressful and many staff members share that seeing the dogs brightens their day and their interaction with them is very soothing.

We all look forward to strengthening our relationship with King and Queen Diamong K9 and helping them achieve their mission.