Why You Don’t Need New Year's Resolutions

By The Valor Team
Thursday, January 2, 2020 at 3:17 pm in
tablet with blank new years resolutions on it

It’s common knowledge that New Year’s resolutions have become rhetoric, often without any value. Sure, the person making the resolution wants to change, but rarely do they actually do anything different.

For most of us, when we resolve to take a major step, we resort to pass and fail thinking. One of the biggest problems with this kind of all or nothing thinking is that we set ourselves up to fail.

How about deciding that living your recovery program is enough . . . one day at a time?

We don't stay sober a year at a time, or even a month at a time. Instead, it's a day, or sometimes an hour, at a time. Seems like those are the time frames we can really handle.

Those of us who have achieved long-term recovery understand that change doesn't happen overnight, but change can happen in one day. And the next one day. And the next. Yes, change happens over time, by repeating a behavior, learning new skills, and understanding how to apply them, day by day.

So here's our suggestion for New Year's resolutions: Don’t Make Any!


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