Withdrawal Management (Detox)

doctor meeting with patientOutpatient withdrawal management, or ambulatory detox, provides treatment in our facility during the day and allows patients to return home each night. It may be a good option for those who need to report to their jobs each day or care for their families. 

Some clients may receive greater social support outside of rehabilitation by maintaining contact with friends and families. They can maintain employment, school, or other personal and professional duties, and enjoy greater freedom during treatment and fewer disruptions in life activities.

Outpatient detox may be most suitable for people with relatively recent or less severe addictions, those with good support systems at home, and individuals with no other complicating medical or psychological issues. 

Clients will be assessed for appropriateness to be in the outpatient detox program based on symptoms and any medical concerns. 

At Valor Recovery Center our outpatient detox clients are assigned time slots of either 8:30am-12:30 pm or 12:30pm-4:30pm. Clients are assessed each day by a physician or nurse practitioner, and symptoms and vitals are monitored hourly by a nurse. Withdrawal symptoms may be managed with buprenorphine products (Suboxone) and comfort medications as needed.

The length of the outpatient detox program is 4-5 days. Near the end of detox care, clients will meet with a counselor to establish next level of care needed, whether it is inpatient residential or an outpatient service, such as Partial Hospitalization Programming or Intensive Outpatient Programming.  

Valor Recovery Center is dedicated to providing appropriate and quality care for our clients.


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